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Highland Township Taxes

Highland Township Taxes

Understanding Highland Township Taxes

The local elected tax collector collects the following:

Real Estate Taxes levied by Adams Co., Highland Township and Gettysburg Area School District on real estate located in Highland Township.  The current tax rate is 0.2088.

Per Capita Tax as levied by Adams County and Highland Township.  This is a flat rate tax payable by adult residents living in Highland Township.  Discounts are offered for early payments.  The current tax rate is $5.00 to Adams County and $5.00 to Highland Township.

Earned Income Tax as levied by Highland Township and Gettysburg Area School District.  It is tax on gross wages and net profits. The current rate of Highland Township residents is 1% which is shared with 0.5% paid to the Township and 0.5% paid to the School District.  Only permanently retired or disabled individuals are exempt from filing.  For additional information, contact York Adams Tax Bureau (YATB) at 717-334-4000.

Tax Collector

Susan Forsythe
745 Knoxlyn Road, Gettysburg